10+1 tips for making a vision board

You may not have heard about the power of vision boards. There are several positive effects, you don’t necessarily have to believe in spiritual things.
It’s important that if you have goals, you keep them in mind, motivate yourself, etc. A vision board can be a great help for this.

And then let’s look at some tips to help you create your perfect vision board:

Prepare yourself

Before you start on the vision board, take a few quiet minutes for yourself.
Think about what you want to achieve in your life and what is important to you.
You may need more time to do this, if you need to take a piece of paper and try to summarise and write them down.

Setting objectives

Be open, creative, and honest when setting your goals.
Don’t just think in general terms, such as “success” or “happiness”, but include specific goals, such as “I will eat healthier every day” or “I want to be physically stronger”.

Collect images

Collect images that embody your goals and desires. These can be pictures from magazines, prints, or even illustrations of your own making.
It’s important that the images resonate with you and evoke an emotional response.
It’s probably the most popular these days to create a vision board online, so you can also get inspiration from Pinterest or sites with stock photos.

Personal touch

Try to include yourself in the vision board, for example by using your photos to make the vision board more personal and real.
Or write quotes or mantras you have made up yourself. Of course, if you don’t have enough time, you can skip this step.

Colors and words

Use bright colors as they can help to boost your energy and mood.
Also, add inspiring words and phrases that support your goals.
The key is that when you look at the finished vision board, it should reflect happiness, motivation, and energy toward you.

Arrange it logically

Your vision board should have a logical and aesthetic layout. For example, if you have a specific goal, put it in the center and group the elements around it.
You can also mark major goals with larger images and smaller goals with smaller ones.
Of course, you may not be able to prioritize them in this way, so try to give them all the same amount of space.


You might consider updating your vision board annually or every six months, as you create different goals and desires at different stages of life.
You may even meet a goal on the go, in which case be flexible (and proud of yourself!) and update your vision board.

Put it where you can see it

The vision board should be in a place where you can see it often, for example in your bedroom or your planner.
This will help you to remind yourself regularly of the things you are working towards.


Be authentic and real. Focus not only on material things but also on emotions, relationships, and personal development.
You can draw inspiration from others, but don’t try to portray other people’s dreams and goals on your vision board. Say hello to the result yourself.

Meditation and affirmations

After you have completed the vision board, sit for a while, meditate, and repeat your positive affirmations to strengthen your commitment to your goals.

+1 tip:

Make “mini” vision boards

To be even more motivated, put pictures in as many places as possible to help you stay motivated to achieve your goals.
You don’t have to make a full vision board everywhere. It’s enough to make one for your room or your phone, for example, and set up 1 picture on your computer to motivate you to achieve your main goal.
The more places you have motivational pictures and quotes, the more likely you are to be motivated and successful.
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