13 things to add to your winter bucket list

Do you have trouble finding active activities to do alone, with your partner, or family in winter?
There are many exciting and enjoyable activities to do in the winter months to help you enjoy the cold weather and make the most of the winter season.

Here are some examples of winter activities:

Skiing, snowboarding, and sledding

If you love snow and mountains (although I guess you’re here because you do), skiing, sledding, or snowboarding is one of the most popular and exciting outdoor activities of the winter season.
It is an activity that is perfect to do as a family, for example.
Unfortunately, there are some places where there are neither mountains nor long-lasting snow, so it requires more planning to make this activity a reality.
But winter holidays, for example, can be the perfect time to travel and do these sports together.

Ice skating

Ice skating is a combination of sport and fun. It can also be done with different companies and in different venues.
In most cities, there are beautiful places to skate in winter.
In addition, it is also possible to skate in natural areas and lakes in winter, but care must be taken.

Walks in the fresh snow

There are few more special experiences than going for a walk after or even during a fresh snowfall. Whether you can do it in the city or go out into nature at this time.
Believe me, it’s worth it, the snowy landscape is beautiful and the scenery calms down. Observe the snowflakes, and their shapes, and look for special patterns.
Take the kids along and experience new things together. The first snow is sure to be a great experience for the little ones.

Snowball fight

Children and adults alike enjoy snowball fights, as they are both fun and exciting. It can also be a good winter activity.
It is also an activity that is snowbound, so you need an area where you can do it.
Fortunately, if you have to travel for this reason, you can combine it with the points already mentioned and more to come.
For children, make sure to bring a change of clothes, as gloves will quickly give up the fight against fresh snow.

Winter hikes

Hiking is another exciting winter sport. What is still more popular is that people tend to think of summer and spring hiking when they hear the word hiking.
It’s worth changing that, as you can experience a completely different atmosphere in the mountains and forests in winter.
In this case, you don’t have to hike in snowy landscapes. You will find peace, quiet, and tranquillity.
It is important to note that it is even more important to be careful at this time of year, as winter precipitation can make the areas you are hiking through slippery.

Winter barbecues

A winter barbecue can be a really special and atmospheric experience if you prepare well.
It’s mainly a social activity, but you can decide whether you want to make it a close family event or a larger “party” with friends.
The main thing to remember is that you can have great fun despite the cold, and delicious food and good company will help keep the mood warm.


Winter is the perfect time to take care of yourself. With fewer activities, you have more time for yourself.
This can be done in pairs, say with a friend, but it’s okay to focus on yourself.
Light a candle, put a mask on your hair and face, read or watch a movie, take a hot bath, have a coffee, etc.
Self-care can be very diverse because we are very diverse. The point is to do things that relax you and recharge you.
Winter is also more exhausting for our bodies, so really take time for yourself.

Building snow sculptures

It’s another great idea if you have kids, but it can also be a fun activity with your partner. You also need to go to an area where you can see snow.
Unfortunately, in this case, the quality of the snow doesn’t matter either, as fresh snow may not be able to hold together and you can’t even make a snowball out of it.
Unfortunately, this depends on luck. But if the quality is right, you can make very creative shapes.
Of course, it’s not important to make a snowman, just let your child’s creativity run wild.

Visit Christmas fairs

Perhaps one of the most fun winter activities is going to the fairs. The atmosphere you experience there is hard to describe (I may be a bit biased).
It’s worth checking out which cities put a lot of emphasis on it and make a trip to one of these big Christmas fairs a bucket list item.
The beautifully decorated Christmas tree, the wonderful decorations, the delicious food, and the hot drinks are all there to make you feel warm in the winter cold.


Snowshoeing is a wonderful winter activity that allows you to explore snowy landscapes while keeping yourself above the deep snow.
Select a snowshoeing destination that matches your skill level and the time you have available.
You can explore local parks, and trails, or opt for more remote and challenging backcountry routes.
Snowshoeing is an enjoyable and accessible winter activity that allows you to explore the beauty of snowy landscapes.
With the right gear, preparation, and safety precautions, you can have a wonderful snowshoeing experience and create lasting memories.

Internal activities

You may not always feel like going out in the cold. In this case, try some indoor activities. This could be baking or cooking.
You may have time to try new things at this time, you can also make a list of recipes you would like to try. In winter, you might also have time to finally read books you bought a long time ago.
You could even have a movie or series marathon. It might also be a good time to look for new hobbies.
You could even take up a craft, or make handmade Christmas gifts, for example, crochet a plush or hat, make a bracelet, etc.

Hot drinks tasting

Tasting hot drinks is a great way to warm up on cold days and enjoy the different flavors.
Create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a warm drink. Light some candles or use mood lighting.
Place comfortable seating and make sure you’re in good company (you can be alone too).
Prepare several kinds of hot drinks or ask your guests to each bring a different kind, then vote on which one turned out the best. Or you can sit down alone and enjoy the snowfall outside with a hot chocolate.

Winter picnics

A winter picnic is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the charms of the cold season. With the right preparations and good company, you can make it a memorable experience.
For example, get ready by making different winter-themed desserts, and bring along different kinds of games (board games, cards).
Invite your friends or make it a super family event.
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