5 morning habits that help with self-care

Do you have many negative habits that you want to change? Would you like to be more balanced? Do you feel like you can never relax and your brain is always spinning at 100%? Maybe are you anxious, panicking, and unable to live every day as you would like?
If  any of these are true for you, or you just want to incorporate positive habits into your life: you are in the right place. The points are in chronological order for clarity. It’s best if you can fit them all into your day at some point, but if it doesn’t work, that’s fine.
When building habits, it is important (but more tips later) to deal with 1-2 at a time and concentrate on them. If these are incorporated, then the rest can come.


I have already mentioned a few times how important it is for our mental health to consciously practice gratitude every day and to incorporate habits into our lives that help us develop.

Sometimes we think it’s more difficult, but you can list at least 3 things you can be grateful for every day. Try to pay attention to the little things in such a situation. Believe me, even if only for a short time, they will make your soul blossom.
You can give thanks several times a day. I recommend that you try to include this in your morning and don’t start anything else until you have thought about it.
After waking up, don’t consciously reach for your phone, but look for 3 things you can be grateful for. You can repeat this in the evening based on what happened to you that day.


Yoga is a complex habit with many branches (although many people think it’s just bending on a mat…).
It helps a lot if you start it a few minutes after waking up. Even 10 minutes of yoga can “wake up” your body, and afterward, you feel much less tired and more energetic.
In addition to the physical positive effects, it helps calm the mind and can play an important role in self-knowledge (a super multi-competent habit).
Observe your thoughts during yoga! But when you can, only pay attention to your breathing and everything else that is happening in your body.
Yoga is a great practice for mindfulness since a lot more happens to your body after waking up. If you observe this step by step, turning to yourself with understanding, your self-love will surely increase.


Many people are pessimistic about meditation or simply do not understand what it can mean. It’s hard to explain the effect it has, so my best advice is to sit down and try it.
So far, the most effective habit I’ve incorporated has been in the morning, after yoga, just wait for your breathing to slow down if you’ve done a slightly more intense yoga practice.
This is something (as well as yoga anyway) that can help a lot when you are going through a difficult period. During anxiety, we can often think that nothing can stop and divert our thoughts. But believe me, meditation can do it!
Just be open to the possibilities and practice them, after a while you will feel their effect!

Breathing exercise

Similar to yoga and meditation, breathing exercises can also calm you down. There are many different breathing exercises. I started with the 4-6 (4 seconds inhale 6 seconds exhale), but recently I switched to the 4-7-8. So I inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds.
Since these can take up to twice as long as our normal breathing, be patient and practice as much as you like.
If you are feeling anxious or stressed, this can be effective during the day as well, but I recommend that you practice before, so that if you get into a worse situation, you can use it confidently.

Nutrient-rich, filling breakfast

It is very important that after the main mental recharge, try to make it a habit to eat a healthy, nutrient-rich breakfast.
Why is this good?
  • It fills you with energy and does not depress you
  • It makes you more confident
  • You won’t feel guilty about what a harmful breakfast you had again (or nothing at all)
  • You won’t be hungry for a long time and your morning energy will last longer
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