5 positive effects of journaling for adults

As children, many of us may have used journals mainly to record memories or to write down “secrets” that we were afraid to tell our parents.
But many people don’t know that there is an “adult version” of journaling.
The latter can have a positive impact on many parts of our lives.

“Writing a journal is a kind of meditative exercise that can help us sort out our emotions and prioritize parts of our lives.”

– says holistic psychotherapist Melissa Divaris Thompson.
So let’s look at the positive effects that will get you in the mood to start journaling.

Helps you cope with negative thoughts

Many people suffer because of their thoughts. These thoughts can affect our daily lives, our relationships, our work, etc. You may have tried many things to overcome these dark thoughts.
However, you should try journaling.
There are exercises (such as 5-post or 7-post) that are specifically designed to reframe your negative thoughts.
If you’re looking for these kinds of solutions, I recommend using a physical journal instead, because writing by hand has more power.


Practice the exercises for as long as you need to, don’t let your thoughts guide you.
If you don’t immediately feel a change with a thought, pick it up again after a few days.
Trust me, it will be super when you see how many negative thoughts have no evidence or actual meaning behind them.

Reduces stress

If you can write down the thoughts, factors, and even people that are causing you stress, you can start to deal with them.
Once you have written them down, you can see more clearly what “problems” you need to deal with to get better.
These are worth exploring one by one.
Then you will hopefully understand yourself better and be able to deal with problems and stressors more objectively and understandingly.
Write everything out of yourself for as long as you need to. Don’t set limits for yourself, feel the freedom and healing power of journaling.
If you feel stuck with, say, analyzing stressors, find tasks like the ones I mentioned earlier.
You can find a lot of free psychological help on the internet.

Reduces anxiety

Stressors and anxiety are closely linked, so it is clear that journaling also helps to reduce levels of anxiety.
If you look for exercises on this topic as well, you may even overcome anxiety altogether.
While journaling, we can unravel the fears behind our thoughts that trigger anxiety.
In this way, we can uncover the root causes and start working on a solution.
Giving thanks also helps to reduce anxiety.
Giving thanks every day increases the love and good feelings you have, so you can recall those feelings more easily when you are going through a bad time.
Also, the most important thing in a more anxious time is to see the good things, even if your thoughts are about them. This can be helped greatly by daily gratitude.

Alleviates depression

It is also a proven fact that if we get our negative thoughts and feelings out of our system, we can significantly reduce depressive symptoms and prevent them from developing.
Why is this important?
Many people suppress these feelings and thoughts, don’t manage stress, etc.
These negative factors can stick and grow within us, polluting our bodies and minds from within.
To prevent this, we need to journal release, and process these wounds.

Increases optimism

Equally proven to boost optimism and strengthen your mental health is the ongoing gratitude journaling we do.
Everyone has bad times and good times in their lives, but in both cases, it is important to make space for gratitude.
You may also ask, why is this good?

The answer is simple, it is the execution and living it that is more difficult.
Thanksgiving allows you to take control and decide where to focus your attention.
By sitting down once or more a day and writing down 3 to 5 things you are grateful for, you can get your mind focused on the good.
This can be a key moment during a difficult time.
And if you’re in a better period, you may be able to write down several things a day, even several times a day, which can be a huge strength later on.
That’s why it’s good to keep a journal of gratitude and make a separate positive block.
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