5 tips for planning your week: you should know this!

Have you never used a planner before and don’t know how to get started? Have you already started using a planner, but for some reason you don’t feel good while doing it? If the statements are true for you, you are in the right place and you need these tips too!

Be reasonable

We live in a world where overcommitment is a real problem. We often make the mistake of dealing with 5 projects at the same time and making no real progress with any of them. Instead, we should focus on the important tasks that pay off in the long term. Prioritize your tasks and make a realistic list of what you need to do that week.

Determine the duration

Once the important tasks have been selected, don’t forget to assign a specific period to them. Determine how many days and on which days we can complete them and assign specific minutes and hours to them, including a rest period if necessary.

Don’t confuse habits and tasks

Tasks play an important role in our lives, but already built-in habits that serve our development play an even more important role. Notice if you overreact and put your habits in the background. Highlight the habits in your week and schedule them so that you make time for them.

Use motivational tools alongside the designer

It is very important to use a planner because if we forget something important to do, it can put a lot of stress on our lives. But sometimes our designer (no matter how special to us) is not enough to motivate us. Don’t forget to reward yourself after completing a difficult task, in a way that suits you. Pay attention so that you do not feel bad after the reward.

Schedule me time

In addition to rewards, it is very important to plan and separate my time. In such cases, we don’t pay attention to work or other tasks, only to ourselves. Get to know yourself and notice which activities both turn you off and recharge you. Both properties are useful separately, but nowadays the two together have a noticeable effect.
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