5 winter activities sure to recharge your batteries

Are you feeling exhausted by the cold winter weather and the darkness?
I’ve put together some activities that will recharge you – do them alone, with your partner, or with friends.
These can also be used as mindfulness activities.

Making hot drinks

Perhaps everyone’s first thought of winter is to curl up and have a nice hot drink. What first comes to mind is a cup of tea or a hot chocolate.
But there are so many other types of hot drinks and many ways to flavor and vary the basics.
Look these up, or simply get creative and invent completely new drinks on your own.
You can do this on your own (it can be a great mindfulness exercise) or get creative with your partner.
When you’re ready, grab a blanket, sit outside, look at the stars, or play a board game.
The point is to be together.
If you’re making a hot drink on your own, then whatever the weather, dress warmly and go for a walk without any other means.
Admire the trees and just enjoy the wonders of winter.

Prepare winter-related dishes

Winter is a much slower period compared to summer. You run out of things to do and finally have time for something else.
If you’ve been spending less time cooking and baking over the summer, it’s time to get back to the cook.
Winter’s overcast, rainy days are the perfect time to get indoors and get creative.
Look for recipes that are closely linked to winter. Bake a cake, or gingerbread or make a roast.
Your imagination knows no bounds. If you’re creative and love to cook, you can even come up with new recipes using ingredients that reflect the ingredients of winter.
If you’re in the mood, share it with the world, as many people love to look at creative, showy dishes.
You could even turn it into a pair or group activity. So don’t be afraid to tell your friends.
Cooking together is fun!

Make a book list

Perhaps the other thing to remember about winter, besides hot drinks, is reading.
Finally, we have time after the summer rush to relax, recharge, and curl up with a good book.
A good way to prepare for these relaxing moments is to make a book list in advance of the books you want to read in the next 4 months.
You can do this in your planner or simply in a note on your phone. I would recommend the paper version, as it makes the preparation even more intimate.
Once you’ve made your list, you can start relaxing, expanding your knowledge, and a little excitement with a general thriller or whatever you like.
You can of course add to the list at any time, share it with friends or your partner, or it can be a completely solo activity.
The point is to follow this process and make a conscious time for yourself and this extra-important activity.

Movie marathon

Don’t tell me you don’t immediately think of a film series that you can watch all day on a rainy Saturday.
As much as we’d like to deny it, long films or film series that somehow turn into movie marathons are closely associated with autumn and winter.
There is nothing wrong with that. Allow yourself not to go 100% at this time of year and have the occasional day when you don’t do anything very productive.
This time of year is all about rest and recharge for a reason. You can also do this playfully with, say, your partner or best friend.
Make a list of different films or film series that everyone writes down.
The cool thing about this is that you can combine it with any cooking. Or creative past activity that you can generate a cool winter day.
If you’re curious about the movies I tend to watch with my partner this time of year, I’ll leave you in no doubt.
For us, the number one choice is always Harry Potter, plus I’ve also caught Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fever, so those are not to be missed.
Feel free to drop me a line on Pinterest about what movies you usually watch in the winter (thanks in advance for the ideas).

Go out for a walk

I left perhaps one of the simplest and easiest to implement for last.
However, it may not be as easy as it seems.
In autumn and winter, the weather gets colder and more humid, and we have less and less desire to venture out.
However, our body constantly needs to be outside, and it is also very important for our mental health.
In addition to these, wonderful natural changes take place in autumn and winter. If you miss these, you may regret it later.
So whatever the weather, if you can, because it’s the weekend, dress warmly and go for a walk.
Listen to a podcast, drink a warm drink, or just leave with empty hands and an empty mind.
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