Bad financial habits: if you want financial security, break them!

Do you tend to spend your money without thinking and without a financial planner?
It’s a dangerous thing to do, and unfortunately, you may end up with no money at the end of the month.
Be aware of your finances and avoid these bad financial habits!

Once you get your salary, you spend it straight away

We tend to think that when we see our salary or other kind of income in our bank account, we have a lot of money to start spending.
We may have a lot of money at the moment, but it is also likely that this income is accompanied by a quality lifestyle, which also consumes large sums of money.
Try to make yourself aware of how many kinds of commitments you have to spend money on and prioritize them.
This step is very important in all areas of our lives, but perhaps one of the most important is managing our finances.
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You have only 1 source of income

I mentioned that you can have a problem even if you have a lot of income (although this can be deceptive).
But even if you don’t have a lot of income, you need to pay even closer attention to your finances.
In such a case, you’ll strive to increase your income. In this case, I would recommend that you try to find other, even more apathetic, sources of income in addition to your main job.
If you are young, you probably even have the energy to take on more jobs.
But be careful with that too! Don’t work too much just to waste your money on useless things!
In addition to the above, it is also good to have income from several places for security reasons, as anything can go wrong and you have more than 1 source of finance.

You accumulate things

The former can also be strongly associated with accumulation. Unfortunately, many people make this mistake nowadays.
Try to be minimalist, buy only the things you need.
Also, try to be selective about what you buy at home, if you don’t have so many things, your brain will switch to minimalist thinking.
This is also related to the fact that if you think you have a lot of money at the beginning of the month, you may spend it on useless things.
Prevent this and start using a financial planner!
It may take more time to fully adjust, but believe me it will be worth it.
And you’ll have the opportunity to invest in things that build you up (and trust me, it’s usually not the objects)

You buy things on credit that you don’t need

Credit has always been a taboo subject in finance.
But credit is not a devil’s play, and in some cases, I can even recommend taking out a loan.
For example, in most countries, buying a house even comes with a good offer.
But don’t get carried away with this!
If you buy things on credit that you don’t need, you’ll only put yourself in a worse situation.
For example, if you buy a car you could use public transport. Apart from the car and the loan repayments, you also have to pay extra for the upkeep of the car, which at current prices is becoming a luxury.
This is just one example, but unfortunately, we throw away a lot of money on things that are more useless than that.
Be aware of this. Plan your savings and save money for the important things you need.
Of course, a financial planner can also help with this. 
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