Full Circle Planning: 8 Practical Tips for Beginner Planner Users

If you are a novice design user, these tips are for you! Even if you’ve already started using planners, they can be useful.

8 tips to help you make the most of your designer. They’ll help you reach your goals and be successful in the areas you want to be more quickly.



Gain a comprehensive understanding of your tasks and priorities before diving into your designer.

Define why you want to use a designer and what goals you want to achieve by using a planner.

There is nothing wrong with not being able to formulate them. You can develop this picture later on when you start using a designer.

Calendar management in your planner

Utilize your designer to its fullest by incorporating a detailed calendar management system.

Mark important dates, deadlines, and events, ensuring you stay organized and punctual.

Realistic goals

Set achievable and realistic goals that align with your overall objectives.

This ensures that your designer becomes a tool for success rather than an overwhelming taskmaster.

Micro-targets in planner

Break down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable micro-targets.

This approach increases productivity. It also makes the designer your ally in managing even the most complex projects.

Block tasks

Organize your day by setting aside specific periods for different tasks.

Try to group tasks that are similar for easier and faster work.

Also, pay attention to how you group tasks. Don’t spend too much time on those that are less important.

Meeting deadlines in planner

As a novice design user, you may face several challenges. For example, to realistically allocate tasks, programs, and to-dos.

You also need to give them a timeframe, which can also be difficult.

However, in the beginning, it is important to be honest with yourself. You can monitor how much time you need for certain things.

Continuous improvement

I have said before that it is important to monitor ourselves and be honest. It is also important to admit when something is not working well and to improve.

Once you admit that, then start to improve your mistakes.

If you need more advice on design writing, you can find it in the articles.


8 Essential Tips for Planner Users: A Guide to Effective Planning

Rest and sleep

It’s very important, and many people miss out on scheduling me-time.

Whether it’s just reading 10 pages or going for a coffee. Schedule everything!

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