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Do you like to stick? Nothing wrong with that! But if you can’t separate the good from the bad, it’s bad to look at you. Listen, learn, and eliminate the things that hold you back.

Whether it’s a relationship, your thoughts, or an addiction, if this image helps you focus for this purpose then put it on your phone wallpaper or print it out and put it in your room as a background.



It is easy to say that we can’t do something now, but we will do it later. Or I am in a bad situation now because it will be better later.

Life is short, don’t wait for it to get better. Make it get better as soon as possible. This is true self-care.


Do you need motivation? Then you’ve come to the right place! I go through a lot of downs and ups, but by getting to know myself better and striving for self-love and self-improvement.

I am consciously trying to make the ups count. If you are in a similar situation, stay with me and I will try to pass on to you what I have learned so far. And on my blog, you will also find various development articles. Have a wonderful day!


We often say that one day I will do this and that. We have a lot of dreams, but we let them remain dreams and don’t act on them.

Start planning your goals and the path to them today. If this picture motivates you to achieve your dreams, then post it as your wallpaper.


Being a woman is a gift! The Barbie film has finally made the position of women a little more popular. Every day we should be thankful that there are women and men. Love who you are and be proud and sexy if you are a woman.


There is a reason why this is a famous saying, stop waiting for others and the miracle, do it, and be the change and the progress.

Define today what goals you want to achieve and start planning the path to get there. My free planner templates and tips available on my blog can help you do this.


It’s hard to transform your mentality and your attitude into a real fighter but believe me, in the long run, that’s what will make you successful.

Once you’ve set your goals (and planned your path to them), never give up on them, no matter how much you fail. After all, it’s the key to our happiness.


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