New student planner template with a spring aesthetic

Organize your new semester with this spring student planner. The 38-page template has everything you need for this semester.

It has an introduction section, a vision board, and a goal-setting section. It also includes a daily planner, weekly planner, and monthly planner.

New student planner template

Hello! I designed this planner so help you plan your days as a student. It can be a good start to prepare you for adult life or to start a business. Lastly get organized in 2024, for free!

How to use the power of the digital planner!

Choose the planner that’s right for you. When choosing a student planner, it’s important to choose one with features that meet your needs.

Start by defining the goals and priorities you want to achieve with your digital planner. Then paste these plans into the template.

Update your digital planner regularly. This way you will always have up-to-date information and besides plan efficiently.



Use categories and tags to easily organize and group tasks and events, this helps you find what you’re looking for quickly.

Use time blocks to work and learn more efficiently. Identify the times when you do an activity and stick to these blocks.



Take advantage of the digital platform so you can use notes and attachments within the planner. You can store documents, links, and other information.

From time to time, evaluate how the digital planner is working for you. If necessary, refine and adapt it to your needs.

If you have the opportunity, share your digital planner with others, such as fellow students or family members. This makes it easy to coordinate common tasks and events.

Why can spring design make a positive difference?

Freshness and renewal: spring arrives after the winter months, and for many, it brings a sense of freshness and renewal. The revival of nature, the blossoming of flowers, and the emergence of green leaves all symbolize new beginnings and possibilities.

Warming weather: sunshine and pleasant weather can have a positive effect on people’s mood and general well-being.



Sensory experiences: spring has a positive effect on all your senses. The smells of spring, the feeling of freshness besides the beauty of flowers are all experiences that can heighten our senses. These allow us to enjoy the beauty of the season.

Colors and flowers: spring is the season of color. The unfolding of the flowers and the appearance of the different coloured leaves allow us to appreciate the diversity and beauty of nature.

Some information about the student planner I made

It is important to note that all the pages for your use are included in the pdf. This means that you do not have to duplicate them, but you have the option to do so if you wish.

You can also use the planner online (if you have the possibility). You are also allowed to print it, but not to resell it!

This planner is brought to you by and it is free for personal use. Distribution of this copy is strictly not permitted.

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The student planner

Spring student planner template